Supply drags and rice prices soar in Indonesia

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Published Feb 12, 2024

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Rice prices in Indramayu Regency, West Java, have surged beyond the highest retail prices due to decreasing rice stocks and high grain prices caused by the El Nino phenomenon. The price of premium rice has reached IDR 17,000 per kilogram, while medium rice is priced between IDR 15,000 and IDR 15,500 per kilogram. Despite consumer protests, the demand remains high with many switching to medium rice due to its lower cost. The government is coordinating with the Indonesian Retail Entrepreneurs Association to maintain price stability, but the responsibility for rice price stabilization lies with Bapanas and the Food Task Force.
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By Lilis Sri Handayani, Intan Pratiwi INDRAMAYU -- Rice prices in traditional markets and modern retail have been observed to soar and exceed the highest retail prices. Rice traders began to have difficulty obtaining rice supplies. One of the examples of this is the lack of supply and the soaring price of rice in Indramayu Regency, West Java. One of the rice stall owners at Mambo Indramayu Market, Haji Jana, said that the price of premium rice currently reaches IDR 17 thousand per kilogram. Meanwhile, medium rice is in the range of IDR 15 thousand-IDR 15,500 per kilogram. The price has increased compared to three weeks ago. At that time, the price of premium rice was still around Rp. 14 thousand to Rp. 15 thousand per kilogram. The price varies depending on the quality. Meanwhile for medium rice, at that time it was in the range of IDR 13 thousand to IDR 13,500 per kilogram. ''The increase is gradual, usually once a week. Sometimes IDR 300, IDR 500 per kilogram once up. "In fact, ...
Source: Republika
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