Sweet contribution from honey bees to the Muş region of Turkey

Published May 19, 2021

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Sweet contribution from honey bees to the Muş economy An income of 20 million lira is expected from 700 tons of honey in Muş MUŞ - While it is expected that approximately 700 tons of honey will be harvested from 53 thousand hives established by beekeepers on the Muş Plain and the cool plateaus due to the rich flora and vegetation diversity, it is aimed to contribute around 20 million to the city's economy. Being an important region for beekeepers, the Muş Plain and its surrounding mountains are preferred by producers with the arrival of spring. The fertile lands preferred to obtain quality honey have become an indispensable destination for beekeepers. Speaking to journalists about this year's honey harvest, Muş Agriculture and Forestry Manager Mehmet Aydın noted that nearly 200 traveling beekeepers will come to the Muş Plain for accommodation and have given accommodation certificates to 60 beekeepers so far. Stating that Muş has a rich geography in terms of beekeeping, Mehmet ...
Source: Sondakika
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