Switzerland continues to be the destination that pays the best for Paraguayan beef

Published Jun 13, 2024

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Between January and May 2024, Switzerland was the top buyer of Paraguayan beef, paying USD 10,531 per ton, followed by Norway, the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, and Italy. Europe accounted for six out of the ten best prices paid for Paraguayan meat. Qatar and Bahrain also made significant purchases. Overall, Paraguay exported 126,649 tons of beef, earning USD 616.6 million, marking a slight increase in income but a decrease in volume compared to the same period in 2023.
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Between January and May 2024, the destination that paid the most for national beef was Switzerland with a value of USD 10,531 per ton. This country is located in sixteenth position on the list of the best markets for Paraguayan products, since it imported 367 tons worth USD 3.8 million. Data from the official veterinary service show that six of the ten best prices paid for Paraguayan meat came from Europe, since apart from Switzerland, Norway (USD 10,239), Netherlands (USD 10,192), Germany (USD 10,079) , Portugal (USD 8,704) and Italy (USD 6,412) recorded important values. On the other hand, Qatar paid USD 8,610 for Paraguayan red protein, while Bahrain paid USD 5,986 per ton. Finally, it was observed that Brazil, the second best destination for Paraguayan meat, paid a value of USD ...
Source: Productivacm
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