Tangerine flowers ‘full bloom’ on May 9th

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Published Apr 12, 2024

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This year, the Rural Development Administration forecasts that tangerine flowers in Jeju will start blooming around May 9th, slightly later than the previous year but in line with the decade's average. The blooming will commence in Seogwipo City's southern coast and move towards Jeju City's northern and mid-mountain areas, with peak bloom expected between May 1st and May 14th. During this critical period, farmers are advised to apply nitrogen-based fertilizers and use pesticides to protect the citrus trees from pests like thrips, aphids, and gray mold. The Citrus Research Center is set to provide enhanced technical support for pest and disease prevention to ensure a successful blooming season.
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This year's open field tangerine flowers are expected to bloom around May 9th. The Rural Development Administration recently compiled the bud-budding season and weather conditions in Jeju's main open-field tangerine production areas and predicted that tangerine flowers will bloom around May 9. Although it is 3 days later than last year, it is at a similar level to the past 10 years (2014-2023). The full bloom period by region is ▲Hawon on May 1st ▲Sinhyo on the 3rd ▲Shinheung on the 6th ▲Changcheon and Mureung on the 8th ▲Yongheung, Deoksu and Sinchon on the 9th ▲Harye, Tosan and Seongsan on the 11th ▲Geumak on the 12th ▲Ara on the 13th ▲14th Deokcheon is the order. It is expected to start from the southern coast of Seogwipo City and continue to the northern and mid-mountainous areas of Jeju City. According to the Rural Development Administration, the time when citrus flowers bloom is a very important time to start controlling citrus trees. Farmers must provide nitrogen-based ...
Source: Nongmin
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