USA: Tar spot found in Indiana

Published Jun 13, 2024

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Tar spot, a fungus, has been detected in Indiana in early-planted corn in northern parts of the state, identified by Darcy Telenko of Purdue University. This detection marks the earliest record of the disease in the state. Despite this early discovery, Telenko advises growers not to panic and to continue scouting for the disease's spread. The disease affects the lower leaves of the corn plant, with symptoms observed at stages V5V6 or V7. She stresses that growers have time to make informed management decisions, such as fungicide applications, based on the disease's progression.
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Original content

Tar spot has been confirmed in Indiana and an extension pathologist says this is the earliest it’s ever been confirmed. Darcy Telenko (Tell-ink-o) with Purdue University says it was found in plots in northern Indiana. “Yes, we found it. It doesn’t mean it’s time to go spray some fungicides,” she says. “It means that we know it’s active. We’ve had the right conditions in May, but just be I want the growers to be aware they need to be out scouting.” She tells Brownfield it was detected in early planted corn. “The corn that we were finding it in is still at like V5V6 maybe some approaching V7 and the leaves that are infected are the lower two leaves, maybe even the cattle leaves, if it’s still ...
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