The Áncash Region in Peru exports 30 thousand tons of avocado

Updated Sep 26, 2023
According to information from Adex Data Trade, processed by SEDIR, an institution that trains and provides technical support to small producers, the Ancash region is the fifth largest exporter of avocados behind La Libertad with 142,245 tons, Lima with 113,763, Lambayeque with 106,361 and Ica. with 55,703 tons. National exports reached 484,998 tons with a total value of 799 million 751 thousand soles.
“Although as an Ancash region we have increased the exportable volume, the production capacity is greater. However, due to adverse weather conditions, such as drought and the increase in the price of agricultural inputs that producers have faced since last season, production has not been optimal. The products also expected to have a better price for the avocado, but the opposite happened. Now we hope that the situation improves,” commented the executive director of SEDIR, Juan Cerna Espinoza. Another factor to take into account is the economy of the international market. The Peruvian avocado is consumed in the continents of America, Europe and Asia. In addition, the main consumers are the Netherlands, Spain, Chile, the United States, China, the United Kingdom, Japan, ...
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