The avocado wants to be sustainable: We are taking charge of the challenges of the water crisis in Chile

Published May 22, 2024

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The global avocado boom has significantly boosted Chile's avocado industry, now valued at US$700 million, with over half of the produce consumed domestically. Chilean avocados command a premium price due to ideal growing conditions, but the industry faces challenges such as water scarcity and conflicts with local communities like Petorca. José Gabriel Correa, president of the Chilean Avocado Committee, acknowledges these issues and highlights efforts to address them, including sustainability initiatives and a long-term plan supported by a UNESCO study. Despite these challenges, there is high international demand, particularly in Europe, and some producers are expanding operations to Peru. The industry is also shifting southward in response to climate change.
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The global avocado boom has some analysts talking about “green gold.” In Chile it is a US$700 million business but unlike other producing countries, more than 50% is for domestic consumption. Chilean avocados sell at a premium to the rest of the market and that is due to the climatic conditions where the heart of the industry is. But the business faces challenges to grow, the main one being the scarcity of water and the conflict that this generates with some communities, in particular Petorca. To talk about these challenges and the future of the industry, we invited José Gabriel Correa, president of the Chilean Avocado Committee, to La Mesa de El Mostrador. In the interview Correa addresses the Petorca controversy, affirms that the industry's water consumption in Chile is average for the agricultural sector and reveals the industry's efforts to face the challenges of drought and water scarcity. It also emphasizes the premium value and high demand for Chilean avocados in ...
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