Turkey: Fishermen in the Black Sea completed the fishing season

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Published Apr 7, 2024

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The Black Sea fishing season has been notably successful, leading to satisfaction among fishermen and consumers due to the plentiful catch and resulting lower prices for fish compared to other meats. With the onset of a hunting ban on April 15, targeting species like anchovy, horse mackerel, whiting, and red mullet will cease, shifting focus to other fish such as salmon, trout, sea bass, sea bream, and freshwater varieties. Atıf Malkoç, President of the Samsun Region Fisheries Cooperatives Association, highlighted the positive season and plans to target sprats post-ban, a fish primarily used for flour and oil and exported. The season's success is attributed to the abundance of certain fish species and the positive effects of fishing bans on both market prices and fish sizes.
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The Black Sea made both fishermen and citizens happy this season. Fishermen, who completed the season happily, expect the same abundance in sprat hunting. The Black Sea, one of the most fertile seas in the world, made both its hunters and consumers happy this year. While fishermen caught plenty of fish, citizens were able to consume the fish they caught at a cheaper price than other meat products. With the hunting ban that will come into force on April 15, it will be forbidden to catch fish such as anchovy, horse mackerel, whiting and red mullet, while salmon, trout, sea bass, sea bream and freshwater fish will adorn the stalls. Malkoç: "We had a good season, now it's time for sprats" Stating that the fishermen had a good time this season, Samsun Region Fisheries Cooperatives Association President Atıf Malkoç said, "This season has been good for us fishermen. We have not been working lately. There are a lot of jellyfish in the open sea right now. This year, the most common ones ...
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