The Chilean blueberry industry shows its willingness to regain leadership

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Published Apr 19, 2024

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At the XXX International Berries & Cherries Seminar on April 11, held at the Monticello Conference Center, leaders of the Chilean blueberry industry, including notable figures Ruy Barbosa and Andrés Armstrong from the Chilean Blueberry Committee, voiced their commitment to reclaiming the industry's top spot in the global market. They outlined the challenges faced, especially from competitors like Peru, and detailed their strategies to overcome these through the adoption of new genetics and technologies, such as High Chill genetics and mechanical harvesting. The seminar underscored the industry's dedication to innovation and competitiveness as key to regaining its market prominence.
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At the last meeting of the blueberry industry, held on April 11 in the context of the XXX International Berries & Cherries Seminar that was held at the Monticello Conference Center, the Chilean leaders of the industry showed their will and conviction to recover prominence and improve the positioning of the Chilean blueberry industry in the short and medium term. At the Seminar, a round table was held with the participation of the president and the executive director of the Chilean Blueberry Committee, Ruy Barbosa and Andrés Armstrong, respectively, in which they addressed the current moment the company is going through. Chilean industry and the strategies that the organization is carrying out to regain positioning in the world market and return to the leadership positions that correspond to a consolidated industry, with extensive experience and knowledge regarding the crop. Committee Support “The scope of climate change, the advantages of new genetics, the high demands of ...
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