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The current and future prices of mung beans and red beans in Myanmar

Updated Mar 4, 2023
As for March, it fluctuated depending on the daily income during the past week. He said that because new beans have already entered the market, the price has fallen again due to buying at a reduced price. In India, the price of mungbean is rising, so the price of mungbean is not likely to fall much, and it is estimated that the price of mungbean will not rise much because it is still in season. In the past week, the price of mungbean (FAQ/RC) in Yangon's Burinnaung market is over 18,500,000 per ton, and the price has decreased by 10,000 kyats per ton. In the Mandalay market, the price is between 180,000 and 183,000 per bag. Aung Lam Market Mawlamyine Market In the local market, the price of mung bean is between 59,000 to 60,000 per basket, and the price is stable. The price of red bean has been rising continuously and there is no more stock, according to local traders. As India's production rate is decreasing and the demand is also increasing, Burmese red bean is fetching a good ...
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