The customs fruit access list has been greatly expanded, with 20 new fruits from 18 countries added!

Published May 18, 2024

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The General Administration of Customs in China has recently updated its list of fresh fruits and exporting countries/regions that have obtained inspection and quarantine access, adding 20 new fruits from 18 countries. This includes avocados from Kenya, South Africa, and Tanzania, making them the top avocado producing countries in Africa to gain access to the Chinese market. The move is anticipated to reduce transportation time and costs. However, due to instability in fruit production and quality, and high transportation costs from Central Asian countries, the fresh fruit trade with China primarily relies on imports from within China.
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On May 16, the General Administration of Customs updated the "List of Fresh Fruit Types and Exporting Countries/Regions that Have Obtained my country's Inspection and Quarantine Access", adding 20 fresh fruits from 18 countries. The specific newly added fruits are shown in the following table: After the list was updated, with the addition of South Africa and Kenya, the top three avocado producing countries in Africa have all obtained access to the Chinese market, namely Kenya, South Africa and Tanzania. Among them, Kenya has occupied a place in China's imported avocado market after more than a year of trial. Now the imported avocados in the Chinese market still mainly come from Peru in South America, but the transportation time from the three African countries to China is about half shorter than that of Peru, and the transportation time has become a major advantage of African avocados. According to reports, African avocados The oil fruit industry is ready, and the first batch of ...
Source: Guojiguoshu
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