The EU is discussing a short extension for state aid to farmers because of the Ukrainian crisis

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Published Apr 18, 2024

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The European Commission is in the process of consulting with Member States regarding a draft proposal to extend the temporary crisis and transition framework, focusing on aiding the primary agricultural sector affected by market disruptions from Russia's war against Ukraine. This proposed extension aims to enable Member States to offer limited financial support to farmers grappling with trade disruptions, supply chain issues, and rising prices for essential goods and energy. Prompted by the European Council's calls for more support to relieve financial pressures on farmers and ensure the EU's food security and strategic autonomy, the proposal sets a deadline until 30 June 2024 for Member States to provide this aid. The Commission plans to quickly adopt the amendments after receiving feedback from Member States.
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The European Commission has sent Member States for consultation a draft proposal for a limited extension of the temporary crisis and transition framework to continue supporting the primary agricultural sector in the face of ongoing market disruptions. This means that the national governments (among them the Greek one) should act quickly if they want to submit relevant files to the EU for Ukrainian aid to the farmers of our country. As the Commission underlines, Russia's war against Ukraine and its direct and indirect effects have created significant economic uncertainties. Also, this war has disrupted trade flows and supply chains and, in its early stages, caused extremely large and unexpected price increases, particularly in natural gas and electricity, but also in many other inputs and raw materials and primary goods. At its last meeting, held on 21 and 22 March 2024, the European Council underlined the importance of a resilient and sustainable agricultural sector for the EU's ...
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