The European agreement on emissions will make it difficult for thousands of medium-sized farms to continue

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Published Dec 4, 2023

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The Union of Farmers and Livestock Unions is concerned that the provisional agreement on the review of the Industrial Emissions Directive could force many medium-sized poultry and pig farms out of production. The organization argues that the lowered threshold for the directive will increase bureaucratic burden and costs for farms that can barely meet the current requirements. The Union of Unions also worries that these increased demands will lead to a relocation of production outside the EU, resulting in more polluting and harmful practices.
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Union of Unions emphasizes that the implications of lowering the threshold from which the Industrial Emissions Directive will be applied (350 UGM for pigs, which translates into about 700 breeders and about 1,170 pigs over 30 kg; 300 UGM for layers , about 21,430 chickens; 280 UGM for the rest of the birds, about 40,000 broilers and 9,330 turkeys), will increase the bureaucratic burden, management costs and inspection levels for farms that barely reach an ATU (work carried out by a person dedicated to full time for a year to agricultural activity), so the demands will become unaffordable for this range of farms. The agreement was reached under the Spanish presidency of the EU, with the Minister for the Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, heading the Environment Council, while the Parliament's negotiating mandate defended maintaining the current thresholds. In this sense, the organization wonders what kind of sector the Council considers there to be in Spain and the European ...
Source: Agrodigital
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