Russia: The FAS reported a downward trend in egg prices

Published May 19, 2024

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Russia is experiencing a decrease in the prices of chicken edible eggs due to price collusion between large manufacturers, as investigated by the antimonopoly agency. Despite this, the market remains stable with a full supply meeting the domestic demand. The price drops have been significant, with chicken carcasses down by 4.8% and chicken eggs of the first and second categories dropping by 12.7% and 11.3% respectively since the end of last year.
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On the Russian market there is a tendency towards falling prices for chicken edible eggs. According to media reports, the head of the antimonopoly agency, Maxim Shaskolsky, spoke about this at the board of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS). He said that the department had studied the situation on the market for these products. Also, according to him, as a result of this work, a case was opened for violation of antimonopoly legislation. We are talking about price collusion between several large manufacturers. However, Shaskolsky did not voice exact details. The collusion that occurs in the market should not seriously affect the increase in the cost of the product. Earlier, the Ministry of Agriculture reported that the situation on the market for these products (as well as for another socially important product, poultry meat) remains stable, and the supply on the market fully satisfies domestic demand. They noted that from the end of last year to mid-May, producer prices for ...
Source: Rosng
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