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The growth of avocado consumption in Italy and the opportunities for retailers

La crescita del consumo di avocado in Italia e le opportunità per i retailer
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Nov 24, 2021
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There are 35 thousand tons of avocados in Italy expected in 2021, equal to a consumption of about 600 grams per capita, an increase compared to previous years, but with a potential still unexpressed if compared with the average 2 kg consumed in Europe up to to 3-7 kg between North and South America. To cope with this expected growth, Battaglio presented an important supply chain project that has its fulcrum in a production company in Colombia with storage and maturation warehouses in Italy, but the focal point for intercepting consumers is in modern distribution. as explained to us by Salvo Garipoli, author with SG Marketing of a research on avocado consumption in Italy. In five years, avocado has doubled its market share, with a consumer increasingly informed and making precise requests. We see an expanding future with an important role of modern distribution which must be able to integrate it into the assortment and promote it also through adequate positioning. It is no ...
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