The growth of grain export prices in Russia has slowed down - review

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Published Mar 5, 2024

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Russian grain export prices saw a slower growth last week, with varying trends across different types of wheat and regions. Barley prices dropped in the south and on the Volga, while corn prices increased. Oilseed prices remained stable, but may rise due to growing demand from processors. However, global sunflower prices may decrease due to falling sunflower oil prices in the EU. Soybean prices may rise globally due to increased use of palm oil in Indonesia, but weak importer demand could offset this. In Russia, competition for high-protein soybeans could drive prices up, while a larger supply of low-protein soybeans could lead to a price drop.
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Export prices for the main types of grain in Russia continued to grow last week, but not at such a high pace. This follows from the review data from the journal field.rf. Of all directions, they fell into the third class of wheat (hereinafter also “three”) only in the south and under CPT-Low Water conditions (hereinafter also “at low water” or “in shallow water”) - by 25 to 11,800 and by 300 to 12,200 rubles respectively. Including, for 200 to 11,700 rubles. There was a decrease in Rostov-on-Don, by 150 to 12,700 in Krasnodar, and by 50 to 10,800 in Volgograd. However, in Stavropol they increased by 300 to 12 thousand. The “troika” also went up in price on CPT – Novo terms (hereinafter also “on high water” or “in deep-water ports”) – by 200 to 14 thousand rubles. In the center, the cost remained at 10,500, and it remained unchanged on the Volga. The fourth class (hereinafter also referred to as “four”) became more expensive in two macro-regions – in the Center and on the Volga (by ...
Source: Rosng
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