The head of the Union of Flour Millers warned about the risks of rising prices for rye bread in Russia

Updated Oct 1, 2023
Producers of rye bread in Russia warn: the main varieties of black bread may become more expensive than bread made from higher varieties of wheat due to a record rye crop failure in the country. There is a risk that the harvest will fall to 1.8 million tons in 2023, and then a rise in price will be inevitable. This was announced by the head of the Union of Flour and Cereal Enterprises Igor Sviridenko.
“We are faced with a situation where either we will not have enough rye bread, or it will become, I use this term, a pseudo-relic. Borodino bread will cost more than high-quality varieties of wheat bread simply due to the cost of raw materials,” Sviridenko said. The expert explains the situation by saying that the area under rye in Russia has noticeably decreased, since wholesale prices for it are now extremely low, and most entrepreneurs ...
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