Ukraine: The high demand for onions caused a sharp increase in the price

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Published Nov 9, 2023

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Ukrainian farmers have been able to increase the prices of high-quality onions this week due to increased demand and a decrease in the supply of lower quality onions. The current selling prices for high-quality onions are 25% higher than the previous week, and farmers are considering further price increases. This increase in prices is attributed to difficulties faced by farmers this season, including heavy rainfall and high temperatures, resulting in a possible failure of the vegetable.
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This week, Ukrainian farmers got the opportunity to increase the selling prices for onions, EastFruit analysts report. The increase in prices is noted exclusively in the segment of high-quality products. Follow the news in a convenient format: Follow us on Twitter Today, Ukrainian farms offer high-quality onions for sale at UAH 10-15/kg, which is on average 25% more expensive than at the end of the last working week. The main reason for the increase in onion prices, experts say, is the increase in demand for these products and a general decrease in the supply of substandard onions in local farms, which farmers are ready to ship at minimum prices. If a week earlier only high-quality onions had a stable demand, the supply of which was small, taking into account the desire of farmers to wait for higher prices, today even lower-quality products are being actively sold, experts explain. Currently, quality onions on the Ukrainian market are on average 45% cheaper than at the beginning ...
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