The House of Corn in Mexico fights to preserve 45 varieties in the face of transgenic grains

Updated Sep 29, 2023
Guadalajara (Mexico), (EFE).- The Casa del Maíz, in western Mexico, protects 45 varieties of native seeds and promotes the conservation of this grain in the midst of Mexico's fight against transgenic and yellow corn, particularly from of the United States. Ezequiel Cárdenas is the founder of this project, which in two decades has brought together corn variants from central, southern and western Mexico to conserve the seeds, adapt them, and protect them from genetic modifications, he said in an interview with EFE regarding National Day. of Corn, which is celebrated this Friday. The expert also teaches farmers how to reproduce them so that they do not depend on other companies. “We try to raise awareness among producers, tell them: if you have seed that is not genetically modified, you can generate your own seed, you become autonomous. We give them training so that they can also make their compost, insecticidal biofertilizers, (a) job that the agribusiness is taking away from us,” ...
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