Rosario Exchange is concerned about unusual weather developments in Argentina

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Published Apr 17, 2024

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Recent heavy rains in Argentina's agricultural regions have led to concerns over the 2023/24 soybean crop, with the Rosario Exchange reporting potential yield damage due to widespread flooding. Rainfall has reached up to 140 mm in some areas, surpassing 300 mm since early April, affecting soybean harvests and causing significant losses. The adverse weather conditions have also hindered rural transportation, complicating harvesting and storage efforts. Consequently, the soybean production forecast for Argentina has been lowered to 51 million tons, with only 10.6% of the soybean area harvested by April 10, according to the Buenos Aires Grain Exchange.
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Source: Heavy rain in the agricultural heartland raises concerns about soybean yield losses. Photo: AFP/TTXVN On April 15, the Rosario Exchange (BCR) - Argentina's most important grain exchange - said that recent heavy rains in the agricultural heartland of this South American country have increased concerns. concerns about damage to soybean yields in the 2023/24 crop year. According to BCR, the rain that began last weekend caused rainfall in most locations in Argentina's agricultural core to reach a total of 70 mm, with peaks of 140 mm in some places. Accumulated rainfall since early April has exceeded 300mm, causing many areas to be flooded, threatening the harvest in the coming weeks. BCR expert Cristian Russo said excess moisture in the soil affects yields and puts soybean crops at risk of significant losses. In addition, farmers also encounter problems with rural roads, as heavy rain makes it difficult for agricultural ...
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