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Argentina: The local grain market continues its bearish path

El mercado de granos local continúa su sendero bajista
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Grain & Cereals
Price Trend
Jul 4, 2022
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In the first round of the week, the domestic square showed a limited commercial activity, marked by the conjunction of the American holiday and the local situation. In terms of prices, the values ​​offered tended to fall.
For wheat unloaded until July 11, US$305/t were offered openly. On the corn side, US$ 215/t were openly offered for available cereal, implying a decrease of US$ 5/t between rounds. Finally, prices for soybeans with immediate delivery stood at US$ 370/t. Today, the Chicago Market did not operate to commemorate Independence Day in the United States. In the Matba - ROFEX market, the July 22 soybean contract operates at US$ 384/t. * Regarding the local market, the prices offered were the following: - For wheat, US$ 305/t C/D until 11/07 and US$ 310/t September 22.- ...
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