The Minister of Justice of Ukraine reacted to the protests of Polish farmers

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Published Mar 5, 2024

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Ukraine's Justice Minister, Denys Malyuska, has warned that Russian spies are posing as Polish farmers to stir up conflict, despite most Polish farmers being pro-Ukrainian. Malyuska urged Ukrainians not to judge all Poles based on the actions of a few, suggesting that these Russian provocateurs are attempting to create an illusion of anti-Ukrainian sentiment in Poland.
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The Minister of Justice of Ukraine, Denys Malyuska, said that Polish farmers are pro-Ukrainian, but there are Russian spies among them. This is reported by RBC-Ukraine. The Minister of Justice urged Ukrainians not to draw conclusions about Poles based on the actions of a small group of people. In his opinion, farmers have their own private interest, which is in no way related to politics, but someone inside Poland, possibly the Russians, is playing this game to increase the degree of discussion. Denys Malyuska noted that Russian provocateurs give the impression that Ukrainophobes have gathered in Poland, who only think about destroying Ukrainians, but this is not true. According to his observations, during the rallies, the vast majority of farmers are very pro-Ukrainian and anti-Russian. I have seen these farmers and talked to them many times. I often go to Warsaw for negotiations or transit, passing through the border, I get out of the car and talk to them. Yes, someone is ...
Source: Agropolit
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