The Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine announced the first forecasts for the harvest of grains and oilseeds

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Published Apr 18, 2024

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The Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine has projected the country's total gross production of grain and oilseeds for 2024 at approximately 74 million tons, with grains making up about 52.4 million tons and oilseeds around 21.7 million tons. This forecast indicates a decrease in wheat, barley, and corn production from the previous year, but an increase in soybean production, while sunflower and rapeseed productions are expected to see a slight decline. The ministry highlighted that these are preliminary estimates and could change, influenced mainly by weather conditions. Additionally, there will be a minor reduction in the total sown area for grain and leguminous crops, with adjustments in the areas allocated for various crops.
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According to preliminary estimates of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, in 2024 the total gross production of grain and oilseeds in Ukraine will be about 74 million tons, incl. about 52.4 million tons of grains and 21.7 million tons of oilseeds. This forecast was published on the ministry’s website. In particular, it is predicted that this year Ukrainian farmers will be able to harvest grain crops in the following volumes: wheat - 19.2 million tons (last year 22.2 million tons were collected), barley - 4.9 million tons (5.7 million tons), corn - 26.7 million tons (30.5 million tons). “Among oilseeds, an increase in soybean volumes is predicted. It is planned to produce 5.2 million tons of this crop versus 4.7 million tons in 2023. Sunflower production is projected at 12.4 million tons; last year, 12.9 million tons were harvested. It is predicted that 4.1 million tons of rapeseed will be harvested; last year, 4.7 million tons were harvested,” the report adds. As the ministry ...
Source: Oilworld
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