Russia: The Ministry of Agriculture discussed plans to expand milk exports

Published May 26, 2024

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Russia is planning to increase its exports of dry dairy products by 75 thousand tons, according to the Ministry of Agriculture. The head of the ministry, Oksana Lut, made the announcement at a meeting with industry representatives, including the National Union of Milk Producers and Komos Group. The dairy products are in high demand in Asian and Middle Eastern markets, especially China, where a platform for customs clearance, cleaning, distribution, and payment has been offered to help expedite the process and reduce costs for exporters. The modernization of factories, optimization of production, and government support measures are also contributing to the growth of dairy product exports.
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This year, Russia should increase supplies of dry dairy products to 75 thousand tons. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, such figures were announced by the head of the ministry Oksana Lut at a meeting dedicated to increasing the supply of milk to foreign markets. In addition to her and her colleagues, the event was attended by the heads of the largest industry enterprises, including the National Union of Milk Producers (Soyuzmoloko). The minister noted that these products are among the most promising abroad. This can be confirmed by the serious global demand for it, including in many countries in Asia and the Middle East. There it is one of the important types of raw materials for national cuisine. Representatives of dairy industry enterprises agreed that their products are highly valued by foreign partners. They confirmed their plans to increase supplies to the markets of priority importing countries. Manufacturers named China as the most promising and powerful market for ...
Source: Rosng
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