The nightmare of Serbian fruit growers has come true

Published Apr 15, 2023

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The weather for another year brings worries to farmers. In recent days, the nightmare of Serbian fruit growers has come true. After a warm winter, during which the trees began to bud prematurely, snow fell in the country. This scenario does not bode well for now. Many expect a crop failure, and with less fruit on the market, there will be stronger imports and higher prices for the end customer, writes Ozon Press. Scandal, protests and something useful The last weeks of winter in Serbia felt more like spring. Fruit growers hoped the warm weather would continue, but spring brought unexpected twists - snow and frost. This "hit" the newly budded and blossomed trees. These conditions are not suitable for fruit, nor for other plant species. The biggest problem is with cherries and apricots, Dr. Aleksandar Leposavich, an expert from the Institute of Fruit Growing in Čačak, told Serbian TV Nova. These latest events and especially the announcements for the next period, with extremely ...
Source: Agri
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