The Philippines moves the barrier placed by China in the South China Sea

Updated Sep 26, 2023
MANILA: The Philippines is carrying out a 'special operation' to remove Chinese-installed floating barriers in key fishing grounds in the South China Sea.
The move risks tensions over Asia's most disputed waters. On Sunday, the Philippines expressed outrage by sharing images of Chinese coastguards manning long barriers and barrier buoys near Scarborough Shoal. Hours after the National Security Adviser vowed to take action, the Philippine coast guard said it had removed the blockade buoy on the orders of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr and his special task force in the South China Sea. The Philippine coastguard also said the blockade of the buoy poses a danger to navigation and a clear violation of international law. It is also seen as hindering fishing activities and the livelihood of Filipino fishermen. The Philippines also described the shoal as "part of the Philippine national territory". China's Foreign Ministry did not directly mention the ...
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