The Polish-Ukrainian grain crisis is beneficial exclusively for the Russian Federation

Published Mar 3, 2024

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The Polish-Ukrainian border blockade, escalating since mid-February, is being termed an economic 'war' favoring Russia. The blockade has led to a backlog of 2,300 trucks, with a total ban on the transportation of all Ukrainian and Polish goods at the Shegini point. Pro-Kremlin forces in Poland have been involved in provocations, including detaining a bus passenger. In response, Poland is considering banning Russian agricultural imports, while the EU is stepping up inspections of Ukrainian grain following farmers' protests.
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The blockade of the Polish-Ukrainian border has the characteristics of an economic "war", the consequences of which are used by pro-Russian provocateurs. This is reported by UNIAN. According to experts, the aggravation of Ukrainian-Polish relations is beneficial exclusively for the Russian Federation. Protesters tightened the blockade of the border in mid-February. The Poles restricted traffic at six checkpoints: Korchova - Krakowiec, Medyka-Sheghini, Grebenne-Rava-Ruska, Dolgobychiv - Ughryniv, Zosyn - Ustylug and Dorogusk-Yagodyn. Currently, the queue of trucks at the border reaches 2,300. The largest queues are formed at the Rava-Ruska, Jagodyn and Krakiwiec checkpoints. A particularly difficult situation arose at the Shegini point. There, the protesters completely banned the transportation of all Ukrainian and Polish goods. Pro-Kremlin forces in Poland staged a series of provocations. Strikers stopped the bus at the Rava Ruska - Hrebinne checkpoint. They shouted and demanded ...
Source: Agropolit
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