The price of each kilo of saffron basket in Iran last year is 50 million Tomans

Updated Sep 26, 2023
The Deputy Minister of Jihad and Agriculture announced the base price of each kilo of saffron last year at 50 million tomans.
According to ISNA, Gholamreza Haderbadi - head of the Central Organization of Rural Cooperatives of Iran - announced about the saffron product: Saffron is a valuable export product of Iran, which is very important in terms of job creation and foreign exchange. He continued: In recent years, as a result of the cooperation of the Ministry of Jihad and Agriculture, the Central Organization of Rural Cooperation, the representatives of the saffron-growing provinces in the Islamic Council, the domestic price of Iranian saffron has enjoyed a good growth, but it is still far from its real and valuable price in the world markets. . Haderbadi said: The farmers who produce saffron know well that the rural cooperative organization as their support has always tried to, when necessary, by purchasing saffron in a targeted manner, to control the prices approved by the Ministry of Jihad and Agriculture on the saffron transactions in the market, and to set the prices according to the economy and ...
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