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Turkey: Price of most tomatoes increased in April

Updated May 2, 2021
Tomato, whose food expenditure is in the sub-group of fresh dried vegetables and fruits, was the product whose price increased the most with 19.93 percent last month. Other products with an increase in price; In the clothing expenditure group, shirt-men with 15.14 percent, suits with 14.38 percent, bags with 14.14 percent, and bananas in the food expenditure group with 7.95 percent. Peas get 29.32 percent cheaper Peas, whose food expenditures are in the sub-group of fresh dried vegetables and fruits, fell by 29.32 percent last month and became the product whose price decreased the most. Other products with a decrease in prices; cucumber with 25.21 percent, green beans with 18.93 percent, eggplant with 16.55 percent and broad bean with 12.52 percent from the same group. The products whose prices increased and decreased the most in April 2021 are as follows: Seasonal agricultural products Monthly change (percent) Tomato 19.93 Banana 7.95 Orange 7.19 ...
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