The rate for additional support for young farmers is clear

Published May 24, 2024

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The Minister of Agriculture and Food of Bulgaria, Georgi Tahov, has announced the funding for the additional income support for young farmers for the 2023 campaign. The support amount to be paid per hectare is BGN 244.47. This support is designed for farmers under the age of 40 with the necessary skills in agriculture, veterinary medicine, or economic education with an agricultural focus. This aid is intended for first-time farmers who have established their farm within the past five years. The support can be distributed across the entire agricultural holding, up to a period of five years. Young farmers who received support under the previous scheme can still receive support for the remaining years, if the period has not yet elapsed.
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With the order of the Minister of Agriculture and Food, Georgi Tahov, the amount of the payment under the intervention additional income support for young farmers for the 2023 campaign becomes clear. Young farmers will receive BGN 244.47/ha for one hectare eligible for support. The additional support will be paid by 30.06.2024, the order also states. Additional income support for young farmers is aimed at farmers who are no more than 40 years old (inclusive) and possess professional skills and competences in the field of agriculture and/or veterinary medicine, and/or economic education with an agricultural directionality. Support is provided to young farmers who have established a farm for the first time no earlier than 5 years before the date of submission of the first application for support under the intervention, and the date of registration of the applicant for support is considered to be the establishment of the farm first time as a farmer. The aid is provided for the entire ...
Source: Agri
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