Russia: The Strategy for the Development of the Chuvash Agricultural Industry until 2030 plans to increase yields by 2.5 times

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Published Apr 16, 2024

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The agro-industrial complex of Chuvashia has successfully completed its 2019-2024 development program ahead of schedule, achieving significant progress in areas such as livestock and crop production, land circulation, fertilizer application, and technical fleet renewal. Building on this success, the region is launching a new strategy for 2025-2030 aimed at enhancing food provision, state support, efficiency, digital services, export potential, and the adoption of ESG technologies. This forward-looking strategy is designed to integrate with broader socio-economic development goals, focusing on increasing yields, reclaiming uncultivated lands, expanding reclaimed areas, improving milk yield, creating jobs, and attracting investment, thereby ensuring sustainable growth and prosperity for Chuvashia.
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The region completed the development program for the agro-industrial complex of Chuvashia, designed for the period 2019-2024, ahead of schedule in terms of key indicators. For example, livestock production was planned at 19 billion rubles in growth; as a result, this industry exceeded the plan by 7.4%, reaching 20.4 billion rubles. In the crop production industry, the figure was 32% higher than planned - 19.8 billion rubles. The introduction of agricultural land into circulation was also exceeded by 24.5%, the application of fertilizers by 8.2% and the renewal of the technical fleet by 8.7%. The development strategy for the agro-industrial complex for the period from 2025 to 2030 will be a continuation of the current document, but with new accents. Minister Sergei Artamonov emphasized the importance of providing the population with food and stimulating production through state support. - However, new challenges have also emerged - increasing the efficiency of each hectare of land, ...
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