The UN criticized Putin's free grain, this handful will not fix the situation

Published Jul 28, 2023

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UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin's offer to donate 50,000 tons of grain to African countries, stating that it won't mitigate the effects of Russia's withdrawal from the "grain agreement" and attacks on Ukrainian ports, which caused a 10% increase in global wheat prices. Guterres warned that the increase in prices will impact developing countries, vulnerable populations, and even developed nations. Despite calls from African countries to continue the grain agreement, Putin announced that Russia will not rejoin it but will instead deliver the grain donations to selected countries in Africa.
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UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin's proposal to organize the free delivery of 50,000 tons of grain in the next few months to African countries, saying that this "handful of donations" will not correct the dramatic consequences of the end of the grain agreement. As reported by Reuters, after Russia's withdrawal from the "grain agreement" and its attacks on Ukrainian ports, world wheat prices jumped by about 10% over the past 10 days. "It is clear that the withdrawal of millions and millions of tons of grain from the market ... will lead to higher prices. So a handful of donations to some countries will not correct this dramatic impact," Guterres said. As the UN Secretary General stated, any increase in prices will now be "paid for by everyone and everywhere" - developing countries, vulnerable people with an average income level and even developed countries. Earlier in St. Petersburg, at the "Russia-Africa" forum, representatives ...
Source: Unian
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