The United States receives fewer avocados from Mexico, which affects guacamole for the Super Bowl

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Published Feb 12, 2024

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The Super Bowl's guacamole supply is under threat due to a lack of rain and increased temperatures in Mexico, particularly in Michoacán, which supplies nearly 90% of the avocados for the event. This has led to conflicts over water resources, illegal deforestation, and a potential reduction in exports by 2,000 tons. Activist Julio Santoyo has raised concerns about the growth of illegal avocado orchards, criticizing the government's lack of action. In response, state authorities are developing a sustainability certification program to encourage responsible water use and prevent deforestation.
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MEXICO CITY (AP) — The Super Bowl is just around the corner and there could be problems in the United States preparing guacamole, a star snack for watching sports. The lack of rain and an increase in temperatures have reduced shipments sent from Mexico. The western state of Michoacán, which provides almost 90% of the creamy fruit for the big game, has suffered from a drier and hotter climate that has reduced the water available in growing areas. The state's lakes are literally drying up. Desperate avocado growers sent tankers to take away the last reserves of water or diverted streams to feed their thirsty trees, sparking conflict. The state last year had about half the rain it would normally receive, and the water in the reservoirs is around 40% of their capacity, with no rain for several months. Meanwhile, some farmers are illegally cutting down pine forests that maintain the water system to plant more avocados. And furthermore, another popular product in the United ...
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