The weather in Ukraine in the winter was favorable for autumn crops

Published Mar 4, 2024

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The National Academy of Agricultural Sciences of Ukraine has reported that the country's winter weather has been beneficial for autumn crops, with temperatures and precipitation levels being generally favorable. The average air temperature was 0.6 degrees Celsius, significantly above the long-term average, and the soil temperature remained above the critical freezing point for autumn wheat. As a result, the condition of winter-sown cereal crops is good, and early signs suggest a promising forecast for future yields, particularly for autumn wheat.
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The meteorological situation in the winter in Ukraine was generally favorable for the autumn crops, if the temperature indicators and the amount of precipitation are taken into account, according to the regular monthly review of experts of the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences of Ukraine, cited by the electronic publication APK-Inform. "Inasmuch as the vitality of autumn-sown cereals during the winter period is primarily determined by the air and soil temperatures at the depth of the twining node of the plants, it is appropriate to carry out a certain analysis of the temperature indicators that were recorded during the indicated time. Thus, on average, in December-February, the average air temperature was 0.6 degrees Celsius, which is 3.4 degrees above the long-term average values. In the last 6 years, it was warmer at this time of the year only in 2019-2020, when the meteorological winter turned out to be very short," the overview states. Scientists also note that the ...
Source: Sinor
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