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Spain: The week begins with another strong rise in cereals in Lonja del Ebro

La semana empieza con otra fuerte subida de los cereales en la Lonja del Ebro en un mercado que parece no alcanzar techo en los precios
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Oct 26, 2021
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The rise in cereals continues strongly in a market that seems not to reach a ceiling in prices in the Lonja del Ebro. The shortcomings when it comes to finding transportation and rising prices in international markets maintain the tension in the market for cereals. cereals. Barley and soft wheat are on the rise with little supply available and limited operations in the short term. Corn also rises also rises in full active harvest.
(see all quotes here) FOODS: Positive notes on the forage chart. There is demand for bales and there is interest in buying higher grades. There are few volume trades taking place now because there is little supply available with most of the stock committed by contracts and pending to be removed from warehouses for loading. In granules, the market is lively and is selling well, favored by the positive trend in cereal prices. DRY FRUITS: A day with repetitions and slight cuts in the almond tablet in a more stationary market. Operations are maintained but not large volumes as there is not a high demand and because there is not much stock in the warehouses. PORCINE: The negative sign on the pig board is maintained and the price falls again. There is a supply of animals - as is usual at this time - and the weight continues to rise. The demand for meat has not yet started as foreign buyers continue to not sign purchase contracts with high volumes. PIGLETS: After last week's cut, the ...
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