The wheat harvest in Russia has been adjusted upward

Updated Nov 20, 2023
The barley harvest estimate increased by 71 thousand tons to 21.1 million tons. Corn showed a noticeable increase of 259 thousand tons to 17.7 million tons. Compared to 2022, the wheat harvest decreased by 12.569 million tons from 104.219 million tons to 91.65 million tons. The barley harvest decreased by 1.851 million tons from 22.917 million tons to 21.066 million tons. Corn harvest increased by 1.795 million tons from 15.863 million tons to 17.658 million tons. Third class food wheat in Russia is sold at prices ranging from 13,137 thousand rubles per ton in the Volga region to 15,583 thousand rubles per ton in the Southern Federal District. Fourth grade wheat from 10.106 thousand rubles to ...
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