There are orchards in Spain where there will be no apples at all this season

Published May 16, 2024

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European apple orchards, including those in northern Spain, especially in Catalonia, are expected to have no fruit this year due to severe spring frosts. The region experienced ten nights of sub-zero temperatures, which caught the trees off guard as they had bloomed early due to January's warm weather. This is reportedly the worst season on record for apple production in the Spanish Pyrenees.
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Also outside Poland, there are orchards in Europe where there will be no fruit at all this year. Frosts also affected northern Spain and the local apple orchards. Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Serbia and Hungary - many European countries suffered from frosts this spring. Among them is also Spain, associated by Poles mainly with warm and sunny weather. Apple production in Spain is concentrated in the north-east, especially in Catalonia, because in the south of the country the climate is too warm for the species. Apple producers in the northern part of the country, especially in the foothill areas, say this will be the worst season ever. This spring, the region experienced 10 nights of frost. The temperature dropped to minus 4 degrees and remained below zero several times for several hours. Local fruit growers claim that the weather has literally turned upside down. In January it was already 25 degrees, which caused the trees to bloom exceptionally early and become more ...
Source: Sad24
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