There is no sea, but Turkish salmon is being harvested

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Published Apr 18, 2024

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Kayseri, a province in Turkey renowned for its trout production, plays a pivotal role in the industry with 16 facilities in Yamula Dam Lake dedicated to harvesting salmon, particularly Turkish salmon. The region's Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry, Bülent Saklav, emphasized Kayseri's contribution during a visit, noting the annual production of 6,000 tons of trout, 2,500 tons of which is Turkish salmon. Kayseri is also crucial in trout egg production, meeting 37 percent of the country's demand. With 80 percent of its salmon products exported, Kayseri significantly boosts both the local and national economy through its comprehensive involvement in the salmon production process.
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According to the written statement made by the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry, fishermen harvest salmon by boat in 16 facilities in Yamula Dam Lake. Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry Bülent Saklav inspected the production facilities where Turkish salmon is harvested and wished for a fruitful season. Production capacity in Kayseri, one of Turkey's leading provinces in trout production, is increasing every year. While an average of 6 thousand tons of trout are grown annually in the city, 2,500 tons of this is Turkish salmon. In Kayseri, which is among the provinces that have a say in trout egg production, 250 million trout fry are produced every year. Pınarbaşı and Bünyan districts, which host many facilities operating on fishing in natural ...
Source: Ulusal
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