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There's cautious optimism for another bumper year for hay exports

Updated Jul 17, 2020
The latest figures compare with a volume decline of just over six per cent, for 2019, compared with 2018. "The year is going well, but we all know export markets can be fickle beasts and our exporters must work hard to protect and sustain their markets," Mr McKew said. "It's a little bit early to start suggesting we'll have a record year of exports; there is a bit of moving around of export figures, from month to month. "There is a bit of seasonality about them, as there is with most things." Read more: Women bring their skills to drive hay business Frantic buying sparks hay shortage warning Hay shed boom But Mr McKew said during the height of the drought, exporters had to source product in a very strong domestic market, which had made things increasingly difficult. In 2018, Australia exported 1.2million metric tonnes. "I would expect some evening out, but five months in, we are looking like we could reach that milestone," Mr McKew said. "The caveats on that are the two big ones, ...
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