Argentina: They could limit meat export

Updated Oct 2, 2023
The marketing of beef in Argentina has been in the eye of the storm due to a series of rumors and controversies that have shaken the sector, focusing especially on Kosher beef exports and the political implications surrounding this practice. Changes in Beef Marketing: Rumors and Speculation During the last week, rumors about possible changes in beef marketing have circulated, generating uncertainty among producers and exporters. One of the strongest rumors suggests that the government plans to reduce export duties for supermarkets, instead of applying the same measure to exporting refrigerators. This proposal has generated controversy since it does not seem viable from an economic and legal perspective. Reducing taxes only on certain sectors could trigger equity and competition problems. Rigorous Controls on Beef Exports Another aspect that has drawn attention in this context is the increase in controls on beef exports. Exporters have reported thorough inspections, even checking ...
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