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Spain: They denounce before the AICA possible irregularities in citrus contracts by establishing a periodic price or deferred

Denuncian ante la AICA posibles irregularidades en los contratos de cítricos al establecer un ‘precio periódico’ o en diferido
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Sep 12, 2022
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Young Farmers ASAJA Alicante has detected possible irregularities in the contracts for the 2022/2023 citrus campaign. Consequently, the Legal Services of the agrarian association have sent a letter to the Food Information and Control Agency (AICA) denouncing that the contracts that are currently being signed do not establish a certain price, but rather a 'periodic price', that is, deferred, which has to do with the price table published in the written press during the week of citrus cutting and harvesting. In this sense, ASAJA reminds the AICA that the price established in each contract cannot in any case be lower than the farmer's production costs, as established in Law 16/2021 on the Food Chain, in article 9: « the price of the food contract that a primary producer or a group of these must receive must, in any case, be higher than the total costs assumed by the producer or the effective cost of production, which will include all the costs assumed to carry out its activity» . The ...
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