This year, 68 thousand tons of dates will be harvested in Abadan, Iran

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Published Sep 18, 2023

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During a visit to date buying workshops and date processing industries in Abadan, it was stated that the city has 12,750 hectares of orchards and is expected to harvest 68,000 tons of dates this year. The majority of Abadan dates consist of the Otamran variety, followed by Barhi, Zahedi, and other varieties. It is estimated that there will be a 10% increase in date production compared to last year due to favorable conditions and improved management.
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Hassan Dashtinejad, during the visit of the Director of Horticulture Affairs of Khuzestan Agricultural Jihad to the date buying workshops and date processing industries, as well as the state of dates being harvested in the city, stated: Abadan has 12,750 hectares of orchards, and it is expected that this year will see the harvest of 68,000 Tons of date harvest in Abadan, which will continue until the end of October. According to Isna, according to the Khuzestan Agricultural Jihad Organization, he added: 70% of Abadan dates include Otamran variety, 15% Barhi, 10% Zahedi and 5% other varieties. Mohammad Hosni Nesab, director of horticultural affairs of the Khuzestan Agricultural Jihad Organization, also said: Considering the favorable state of fruiting of palm trees due to the supply of quality water during the past year, support for the supply of standard inputs, the principled management of palm groves ...
Source: Isna
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