Spain: Thousands of farmers vent their anger in the streets of Madrid

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Published Feb 22, 2024

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Farmers from across Spain have staged a protest in Madrid, causing traffic disruptions and police tensions, as they rally against low prices and excessive bureaucracy. The farmers, who arrived in the city centre on tractors, are demanding simplified administrative procedures and protection against selling at a loss. They are also calling for improved import controls and equal environmental constraints for imported products. This protest mirrors similar demonstrations recently held in France and Germany.
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Coming from all over Spain, several thousand farmers took to the streets of the capital in a concert of horns, cow bells and drums, at the call of the organization Union de Uniones (Union of Trade Unions) but also groups of farmers mobilized on social networks. Among them, 500 managed to reach the city center on tractors, according to the prefecture. Grouped in five columns of around a hundred vehicles, they joined the Ministry of Agriculture behind signs indicating: “the rural world is dying” or “without the countryside, the city does not eat”. The culmination of a movement of anger that began three weeks ago, in the wake of demonstrations organized in particular in France and Germany, this demonstration led to numerous traffic jams and sparked some tensions with the police. “What we want is to be heard, for the authorities to understand that we can no longer continue like this,” José Ignacio Rojo, 58, who came to demonstrate from Burgos (north) against prices “which do not allow ...
Source: TerreNet
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