“Three Focuses” Help Inner Mongolia’s Agricultural Products “Fragrant and Sweet” Overseas

Supply Chain Management
Regulation & Compliances
Published Feb 21, 2024

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Manzhouli Shibali Customs is implementing smart supervision, enterprise interaction, and technical trade measures consulting services to facilitate the global reach of Inner Mongolia's agricultural products. The authority is streamlining the customs clearance process for key agricultural exports, ensuring efficient logistics and problem-solving. As a result, agricultural products from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region have been exported to over 110 countries and regions.
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Manzhouli Shibali Customs closely focuses on the "three focuses" to help Inner Mongolia's agricultural products "go global". It focuses on smart supervision, smoothes the "green channel" for agricultural products, and combines the construction of "smart customs" to give full play to smart checkpoints and non-intrusive inspection equipment Through the use of other means, we will continue to improve and optimize the customs clearance process for key agricultural products exports, making supervision more precise and effective. We will focus on the interaction between customs and enterprises, rely on mechanisms such as "customs officials to send policies to your doorstep" and "clear corporate problems" to strengthen tracking and investigation, and pay close attention to the existence of enterprises exporting agricultural products. Problems are solved and coordinated to ensure smooth customs clearance of export goods. Focus on technical trade measures consulting services, collect ...
Source: Foodmate
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