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Three sorghum and three pearl millet varieties developed by ICRISAT in Nigeria

Updated Feb 10, 2023
ICRISAT in collaboration with Nigeria's National Agricultural Research System - Lake Chad Research Institute (for pearl millet) and the Institute for Agricultural Research, Ahmadu Bello University (for sorghum) - has developed three sorghum and three pearl millet varieties, which have now been released promising better nutrition and higher yields for farmers.
The three sorghum and three pearl millet varieties are suited to the country's Sudano-Sahelian/semi-arid ecologies and are designed to be high-yielding, nutritionally enhanced, and well-adapted to local conditions. Dr. Jacqueline Hughes, Director General, ICRISAT, commended the collaboration. “These new releases hold promise in boosting production output while providing greater nutrition as they are well-adapted to local conditions, are high-yielding, and nutritionally enhanced. “This collaboration exemplifies the commitment of ICRISAT and the Nigerian National Agricultural Research System through the Lake Chad Research Institute, the Institute for Agricultural Research, Ahmadu Bello University, and others, to bring innovative technologies and crops to help farmers meet the challenges of the future while improving their yields and livelihoods. “We anticipate more breakthroughs for Nigeria and West Africa more broadly, helping to future-proof food and nutrition security in the face ...
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