China: Tianjin Customs guarantees the import of breeding cattle

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Published Dec 8, 2023

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6,244 imported breeding cattle arrived at Tianjin Port, including 420 speckled park cattle, which is a new breed in the country. The customs department supervised the transportation and quarantine of the cattle for 45 days to ensure their safety and health. Ninghe Customs took measures to improve quarantine efficiency and facilitate the transfer of the imported breeding cattle to domestic pastures after the quarantine period expires.
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Recently, a batch of 6,244 imported breeding cattle arrived at the Tianjin Port terminal on a professional live animal transport ship. Under the supervision of Tianjin Customs, the breeding cattle that passed the port quarantine were transported to the designated quarantine site as soon as possible for a period of 45 days. Isolation and quarantine. Among the breeding cattle arriving in Hong Kong this time, there are 420 speckled park cattle. This is also the first time that this breed of breeding cattle has been introduced into my country. According to reports, speckled park cattle are cross-bred and easy to raise. They have strong fertility, moderate weight, and excellent and high-yielding carcass quality. The meat produced has perfect marble patterns, rich gravy, and tender muscle tissue. . "Our company is mainly engaged in the business of importing live cattle. The customs intervened in advance to provide guidance according to our company's needs, provide customs clearance ...
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