Tiny durians with rich sweet segments and fatty yellow rice "land" on Vietnamese markets at super cheap prices, only from 50 thousand VND/fruit.

Published May 20, 2024

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Since its export to the Chinese market in July 2022, durian has become a costly fruit in Vietnam, selling for 140-230 VND. thousand VND/kg. A small type of durian, weighing only 0.3-1.2kg, has recently appeared, making it more affordable and popular among consumers. Despite the high price of Thai mini durians compared to locally grown ones, Ms. Hong Anh has imported five shipments of them, which have sold out. She emphasizes the benefits of the thin skin, resulting in more flesh, and the uniform quality of the export product. However, consumers are warned to buy from reputable stores to avoid poor quality durians.
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Dubbed the king of fruits, since being officially exported to the Chinese market in July 2022, durian has become an expensive fruit, with an average price of 140-230 VND. thousand VND/kg. Normally, each durian weighs 2-4kg, so to buy a delicious durian to enjoy, consumers have to spend from a few hundred thousand VND to millions of VND. However, recently, there has been a tiny type of durian appearing on the market weighing only 0.3-1.2kg, selling for 90-180 thousand VND/kg, making many people excited and flock to it. Go buy this type of durian to eat. Ms. Hong Anh, residing in Giai Phong (Hanoi), said that every year the price of Thai miniature durians is always higher than Ri6 or Monthong durians grown in Vietnam, so she does not sell them. However, this year, the price of domestic durian is higher than the mini imported from Thailand, so from the beginning of the month until now, she has imported 5 shipments to sell, wholesale price from 85 thousand VND/kg, each shipment is ...
Source: Danviet
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