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Tomato prices remain excellent in Netherlands

Price Trend
May 23, 2022
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That was due to lower settings. At the beginning of last week, the prices dropped slightly but rose again later in the week. They reached about €9 to €9.50 for red peppers, €8.50-€9 for green, €11.50-€12.50 for yellow, and €10.50 for orange. That's per 5kg box. Those are excellent prices." "At roughly €4 or €5 per 12-piece box, cucumber prices are good too. It's only the eggplant market that's lagging at €3.75 to €4.50 per box." On the export side, trade to the UK is going quite well this year, says Philip. "We're even doing more trade than before, although the useless costs you incur remain frustrating. Fortunately, the date by which fruit and vegetables must be ...
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