UK: Top 5 countries that import and export the most onions

Updated Mar 11, 2023
According to EastFruit analysts, onions remain the most sought after in the global vegetable trade and onion prices in many countries have broken records and continue to grow. The question "where to buy onions" remains very popular in the search functions, which leads to unconventional sales transactions. Many countries have also imposed export bans, exacerbating the situation.
Rich, high-income countries Countries with efficient logistics and without import duties or other trade barriers increased their onion imports and exports the most last year. These two categories coincide in most cases, as trade liberalization leads to an increase in the country's wealth. Since the world onion market has undergone significant changes in 2022, and the years 2023-2024 promise no less shocks for the onion trade, we should now pay attention to the countries that have most dynamically increased their onion imports. In 5-6 months, the pressing question "where to buy onions?" turning into an equally pressing question "where to drop onions?" In 2022, Ukraine showed the strongest growth in onion imports among the top 20 importers. It should be noted that Ukraine entered the Top-20 in 2022 because the Russian attackers destroyed most of the country's effective onion crop. As a result, the growth of onion imports in Ukraine was almost 7 times as large. Of the Top 5 largest ...
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