Turkey: Transportation crisis in sugar beet

Updated Oct 1, 2023
While Elazığ Sugar Factory gave 3 thousand 500 liras to the producers as transportation fee, the transporters demanded 11 thousand liras as transportation fee, which caused the producers to be unable to transport their beets. 'WE CANNOT DELIVER THE PRODUCT WITH THIS MONEY' According to the news of Sözcü's Evren Demirdaş, farmer Ramazan Sakin stated that although the sugar factory gave a transportation fee of 3 thousand 500 liras, the transporters wanted a transportation fee of 11 thousand liras. Sakin said, “We planted and harvested our beets, but we cannot take them to the factory due to transportation costs. Transporters ask for a transport fee of 10-11 thousand lira. "We are thinking hard about how we will harvest this harvest," he said. "Turkish-Sugar Factory gives a transportation fee of 3,500 liras, but we cannot pay the difference because the cost is high," said Sakin, adding: "We will have to pay 7 thousand liras from our pocket. Private factories deliver their products ...
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